Private Tented African Safari


While there are many stunning, well-established reserves, lodges and resorts on the continent, "perhaps the most authentic and intimate way to experience Africa with your family is old school, private mobile tented safari," says Claudia Church, a mother of three and Co-founder of super exclusive, bespoke travel company &Three Collective.  

Reminiscent of a grandiose turn-of-the-century safari experience, mobile tented camps are completely private and set up in magical locations far away from the crowds. Offering privacy, luxury, and one of a kind experiences, &Three’s favorite tents belong to their partners at Africa Born, outfitted with gorgeous Turkish rugs, comfortable beds, fully equipped bathrooms, and to each, a private butler. Also, the food is organic and fresh, all of which is prepared on site.  

Camps move with your family from site to site, allowing your family to take part in a number of different activities, dependent on location. From game drive on top of vehicles to fishing, and hiking waterfalls to helicopter rides, this isn't your traditional camping experience.  And every evening, after a day filled with new adventure, gather around the fire and listen to the sounds—not of text alerts on your phone—but of lions roaring in the distance.

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Stephanie Capuano