“Us,” by the way, is Stephanie, Lanné, and Claudia. We built &Three because we had to—the tug of connecting people to Africa wouldn’t relent.

It’s not hyperbolic for us to say that travel is transformative; that it can steer the course of your life.  Every journey we plan is designed with this truth in mind.

The value for you, the traveler, is our collaborative process, our collective knowledge, and our unique connection to those on the continent.  

We met as expats living in London and traveled together in search of the wild and the beautiful, the luxurious, and the private.  

Along the way, we met people who by birthright are the true experts and have welcomed us into their world in the most unexpected and wonderful ways.

They've shared with us places that are not in the travel guides; experiences that you cannot research. They’ve given us access to places that few have visited and introduced us to undreamed of adventure — and now we get to share all of that with you.

We work with fellow travelers to dream and design unique, awe-inspiring experiences in Africa. We believe well-crafted trips cultivate connection, spontaneity, and perspective. 

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